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The Birdy Golf App – Google Play

Are you tired of searching the web for a decent golf range close by? Would you like to have your scorecard calculated automatically?
Would you like golfing to be much easier?If you are looking for a versatile solution or for a personal assistant helping you maximize your golf experience, newsflah: you just found it!

Birdy can help you look for the closest range, track your scores, and even book the next game for you, and you can have it with you everywhere!With more than 200 golf courses in the database all over the Netherlands it will be a piece of cake to find the range you are looking for. Once the map pops-up you will be able to choose directly from the list, and if you see that the golf range has a green icon you can reserve your place right away. Your place is only a few clicks away!

In case you are not sure where is the closest range, or you are tired of searching the net, you can simply rely on Birdy and she will point you in the right direction. Furthermore you can: invite your teammates, export your statistics or e-mail them over, and most importantly get your scorecard result calculated automatically, and much more…

Birdy also offers a range of online content, starting from the newest headlines from NGF (, to online videos and golf trainings to get your maximum potential on the range.

– Okay, but how much will it cost?

Great news! Birdy Golf is totally free to download from Google play. Just hit the download button and let Birdy take care of everything.
The new update was released in March 2016 and the only requirement is for you to have Android 4.1 or higher installed. For more information you can check our homepage at: Don’t hesitate, book your next game through Birdy easily!