Birdie 1.0 Released

About a month after our latest announcement, we can say that Birdie 1.0 “Roko” is ready.

Excited? We are, because we believe Birdie 1.0 is the best release we have ever had.

Lists have arrived to Birdie. Performance is better than ever. The app is much more stable than it ever was. We’ve got a refreshed user interface, which not only allows us to have a better optimized application, but also provides a more polished user interface. The changes are subtle but essential. You can now load older tweets. And we’ve finally got autocompletion for users and hashtags.

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy Birdie. This is why starting with this release, we are providing packages for multiple distributions. We had announced we would be support Arch Linux, Fedora 20, Ubuntu 14.04 and elementary OS Freya, and today we can reveal that the list is even bigger. openSUSE is officially supported, and we are also providing a backport for Ubuntu 13.10.

We truly believe this is the best release we have ever had. We hope you’ll agree. You can head over to our downloads page and get it right now.

As a reminder, Birdie is developed by volunteers during our free time. Feel free to help us either by contributing to the project or donating.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who has ever contributed to Birdie, either through pull requests, bug reports, translations or donations. You make Birdie possible, and it’s thanks to people like you that open source is such a great thing. Thanks for keeping us going forward.